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First in the AI Vision Healthcare space, providing digital vision fall detection, AI-based ADLs, and fully-hands-free ambient vitals all working to reduce senior community staff workload and improve the quality of life for seniors wherever they reside.

Our Flagship Product

Ambient AI Vision™ Fall Detection

Our flagship product is our proprietary SafeSpace™ AI Vision™ privacy monitoring fall detector system.  An AI Vision™ sensor can be installed in any room, hallway or stairwell, and our secure network streams sensor data to the on-premises AI for 24×7 monitoring. Data is processed locally – not in the cloud – so privacy is heightened. Our on-site local processing AI instance accumulates and secures the data, continually watching for falls.  When the senior falls, the AI attaches a secured video of the fall event and issues a text message to the contacts listed for the resident.

AI Vision™ privately monitors all rooms

Privacy is maintained by on-site local processing

Proprietary, secured private network

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Company Future Direction

Our Vision

Fall monitoring is only the beginning for us. We are in R&D on a number of innovations which expand the capabilities of our in-room sensors to bring fully automated ambient ADLs to every facility complete with EMR integration, providing an exciting future product line-up for our current and future customers. This in-development product line will place us at the forefront of the future of healthcare: the at-home care space.

Ambient ADLs

Building on our break-though AI vision used for fall detection we also have the ability to determine in-bed, out-of-bed, in-room, out-of-room, sitting, standing, walking and bathroom visits, which will combine to provide real-time Activities of Daily living dashboard reporting.

Ambient Gait Analysis

Having AI with the ability to analyze a senior candidly provides us with the opportunity to perform continual gait analysis which can be used to spot instability early before a fall occurs and recommend therapy, thus preventing falls before they happen.

Ambient Fall Risk Prediction

Combining our gait analysis with a AI-measured timed-up-and-go, ambient vitals, the resident’s medical history and knowledge of change in medication will provide a robust fall risk predictor, which we are currently developing.

Ambient Vitals

Utilizing our breakthrough ambient sensing technology we anticipate soon being able to continually measure the resident’s core temperature, heart rate, respiration rate, pulse ox and even blood pressure, all without attaching any sensors to the resident.

Dashboard Integration

We are feeding all of our data into an integrated dashboard for use by the facility admin and nursing staff to provide them with a single-point of reporting and diagnostics, packaging our ADLs, ambient vitals and fall risk predictors into a single interface for easy consumption, analysis and reporting.

EMR Integration

We are anticipate supporting HL7 and FHIR integration so that our data will automatically update into the EHR of the resident’s physicians.

Our Team

Scott Boruff

Scott Boruff

Founder & CEO

Founded HiTC in 2016. Passionate about healthcare, helping people, building teams, ambient sensing, AI and integrating healthcare in all aspects.

Ken Greenwood

Ken Greenwood

Chief Technology Officer

Enterprise-scale software and development. AI research and design, models generation; architecture of healthcare systems, integration and big data analytics.

Jurgen Vollrath

Jurgen Vollrath

Chief IP Counsel

Proactive, adaptive and strategic business patent design. Implementation of patent strategies to ensure freedom to operate; patent generation maximization.

Dr. Susan Reyes

Dr. Susan Reyes

Chief Medical Officer

Board certified in Internal Medicine, advisor and Medical Director to several home health and hospice agencies and assisted living facilities

Charles Lobetti

Charles Lobetti

Chief Financial Officer

Performing tax accounting, SEC reporting and financials with 30 years of related experience.

Amy LaGrant

Amy LaGrant


Advising our marketing with 15 years of related marketing experience focusing on boomers, seniors and caregivers.

Matt Brown

Matt Brown

Brand Strategist

Creating brand strategy using 20 years of health-centric marketing and image development.

Bradley Hodge

Bradley Hodge

Advisory General Counsel

30 years specializing in financing, acquisitions, and commercial transaction law.

Brad Pruitt

Brad Pruitt

Account Acquisitions

13 years accelerated sales campaigns and account growth with a focus on emerging markets.

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