What is SafeSpace™ AI Privacy Monitoring?

Our AI Vision™ sensors privately monitor your rooms, watching to see when you fall. When the AI sees you fall, it sends a text your caregivers to tell them a fall was detected. With SafeSpace™ AI Monitoring™ you can feel safer knowing we alert your caregivers.

Who receives my AI fall alerts?

You specify which phone numbers you want the SafeSpace AI™ to contact for a fall event.

How do I pay for SafeSpace™ Privacy AI™ Monitoring?

Our Private Vision AI™ Community Edition monitors you right from the start of your move-in. At your senior living community you will pay an easy monthly fee which is automatically added to your bill. Ask your community about what exact rates and charges apply to you.

 Does SafeSpace Private AI™ work in the dark?

Yes! SafeSpace™ AI Vision works in complete darkness, ensuring if you fall at night it will still sense it and send an alert text!

Can I opt out of AI Monitoring if I wish?

Yes, opt out any time. Just let your administrator know you want to terminate your AI privacy monitoring. If you opt out we will not be able to alert anyone when you fall, and it may take a while before someone checks in on you after you have fallen.

Is anyone watching me to make sure I’m safe?

Our SafeSpace AI Vision™ system watches your private video stream 24 x 7 to ensure you are safe. You can enjoy your daily activities with full confidence you are being securely and privately monitored day and night.

Can anyone see my video?

With our Privacy AI Monitoring only your personal AI sees your video stream. Only your care providers, physician and our internal staff has the authorization required to see your video.

Want to know more?

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